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Rusty handles and hinges are an indispensable

Rustic Furniture Our wooden furniture from the Hacienda collection is rustic furniture - furniture in the old style. We recommend this furniture as our basic and first collection. Rustic furniture for restaurants It's also a tradition. We have been creating this collection for generations. The first rustic piece of furniture was made in the studio of the owner's grandfather. Currently, his grandson is responsible for preserving the character of the collection, the idea of which has been passed down and developed from generation to generation. This is the first and main collection of our company. All furniture is made of solid pine wood, covered with wax with natural ingredients or paints and varnishes, depending on the customer's needs. Rusty handles and hinges are an indispensable part of the Hacienda collection. With the Hacienda collection, you can relax in an idyllic rural atmosphere. Our rustic furniture from the hacienda collection is ideal for restaurants. The restaurant furnished with our wooden furniture from this collection takes on a rustic atmosphere.

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